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  Outline of the imagingrium Image Processing Software

1) The imagingrium image processing software has the functions of a color processing, a white balance, a line drawing, an image reduction, an image combine and an image saving.
2) The color processing function that makes pictures beautiful with a simple drag & drop operation. This color processing function increases the brightness, color saturation and sharpness of images. Because the color processing makes the shade area brighter, it is good for backlight correction as well as a reflector effect.
3) The line drawing function that extracts the edge elements from images. This line drawing function can change the thickness as well as the strength of the lines.
4) The image reduction function is useful to make Web pictures, to combine images or to make icon pictures. Since there are the color replacement function and the pixel drawing function that can use transparent color, various image combines are possible. The formats that the image saving function can treat are of BMP, GIF, JPEG, ICON, PNG and TIF. Saving pictures with GIF format, they can be saved like color illustrations. Since there is a screen capture function, shown images on the PC screen are able to be saved.
Sample Images of imagingrium Image Processing Software

Before Color Processing           After Color Porcessing  

Other Samples of Color Processing   <-- Left click please.
Samples of Line Drawing   <-- Left click please.
Original Sample Images   <-- Left click please.


1. Installation of .Net Framework Version 2.0
    Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 must be installed before the installation of the imagingrium Image Processing Software.
    Please download dotnetfx.exe (ver.2.0, 1/22/2006, 22.4 MB) from Microsoft's Web site and install .Net Framework 2.0. by running dotnetfx.exe. To install it, PC user must be an administrator.

Download Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0   <-- Left click please.

    If you are not sure, check whether "Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0" is already listed in "Currently installed programs". In order to see the list, left click "Start" of PC desk top and "Control Panel" and left-double-click "Add or Remove Programs".

2. Installation of the imagingrium Image Processing Software

Installation of Ver.   <-- Left click please.

Note: The color processing works for 16 days after the installation.After the shareware expiration, the follow 4 functions do not work without the license file: the color processing, white balance, color replacement and icon file saving. The functions of the line drawing, picture viewer, image format conversion (other than ICON), screen capture, image combine, image reduction, image trimming and etc. are able to be executed without the license file.
Note: If you kindly try to install the software in machines other than Japanese, please notice that we have tested it only on Japanese Window XP machines.

Detailed Description of the imagingrium Image Processing Software
    Manual (Ver. of the imagingrium Image Processing Software

Display the Manual   <-- Left click please.

    Upgrade Report of the imagingrium Image Processing Software

Display the Upgrade Report   <-- Left click please.

The Startup Window of imagingrium Image Procesing Software

How to Obtain the License Key File

Currently, the license key file of the unlimited term can be downloaded for free.
Left click HERE for the download.

   The name of the downloaded file is imagingriumNoTerm.zip.
Please renew the license by following the next steps.

Step 1. Since the file is compressed, please uncompress it by a left double click and drag & drop into the desktop of MS Windows. The name of the key file is imagingriumNoTerm.lic.

Step 2. Please start up the imagingrium image processing software.

Step 3. Please drag the key file and drop it onto the window of imagingrium.

Step 4. Left click the "OK" button of "imagingrium" dialog.

Step 5. Left click the "Agree" button of the dialog of "imagingrium Image Processing Software" if you agree "Conditions of use." If you disagree the "Conditions of use," left click the "Disagree" button.

Step 6. Please close the imagingrium Image Processing Software.

Step 7. Please erase the files of imagingriumNoTerm.zip and imagingriumNoTerm.lic

The license key file will be valid if you agree the "Conditions of use."

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