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How to Setup the imagingrium Image Processing Software (iIPS)

A Sample of Color Processing and Line Drawing Function of iIPS
1. The Environment for this Software

    CPU: x86 (64 bit CPU is not supported.)
    OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (22.4 MB)
    Platform: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
    Display Resolution: larger or equal to 1024x768 pixels
    Display Color: 32 bits or 24 bits

Note 1: To install .NET Framework 2.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later version is necessary. Hard disk capacity to install and to work .NET Framework 2.0 is about 280 MB. This software and the installation software (inrsetup.exe) use .NET Framework 2.0 as the platform. If it is not installed, please DOWNLOAD from Microsoft Web site and install it. To install .NET Framework 2.0, PC user must be an administrator of the PC. The PC user might be asked to restart the PC after the installation. For the sake of the safety, it is better to restart the PC, even if the PC user is not asked.

Note 2: As a reference, the following specification is of the environment used for the testing:
    CPU: Pentium(R) 4,  3.33GHz
    Memory: 504MB
    Virtual Memory: 1512MB(Size of Page File(MB): 753-1512)
2. Download and Installation of imagingrium Image Processing Software

    Left click HERE TO DOWNLOAD the iIPS, and then "File Download" dialog box appears.
Step 1. Left click "Save" button, and then "Save as" dialog box appears.
Step 2. After selecting the folder where you want to download, left click "Save" button. Here, "" is downloaded.

Step 3. Since "Download complete" dialog box appears, left click "Open Folder" button so that the downloaded file opens.
Step 4. Since compressed files: imrsetup.exe and imrsetup.pac, are shown, "Copy" and "Paste" them to the selected folder so that they are uncompressed.

Step 5. Left-double-click uncompressed "imrsetup.exe", and then "imagingrium Installation Software" appears. Left click "Exec Installation" button.
Step 6. Since "Browse for Folder" dialog box appears, select an installation folder, and left click "OK" button.

Step 7. Under the installation folder, folder "imgingrium" is made and "imagingrium.exe" and other files are made under "imagingrium". This completes the installation.

Note: The color processing of iIPS works for 16 days after the installation. The license key file is necessary if it is expired. The line drawing, displaying, saving etc. work even after the expiration.
Note: If you kindly try to install the iIPS in machines other than Japanese, please notice that we have tested it only on Japanese Window XP machines.
3. How to Obtain the License Key File

    Currently, the software license is sold at Yahoo! Japan Auction.

Please check My Yahoo! Auction

    Also, you can get it from Vector:

    The version up is free for the license owners.

    Your direct contact is also welcomed. Please e-mail to "".
4. How to Start Up the imagingrium Image Processing Software

    Left-double-click the imagingrium icon on Windows Desktop to start up this software. If the icon cannot be found, open the folder of "imagingrium" by using Windows Explorer and left-double-click on the imagingrium application file: "imagingrium.exe".

    If the OS of your computer is Japanese version, this software starts in Japanese. If the OS is not Japanese version, this software starts in English.
    The language is switchable. After starting up this software, click its main window. Holding "Alt" key, hit "H" key and "L" key, and left click "OK" button of "Imagingrium Language Selection" dialog box.

Note 1: To start up Windows Explorer, left click "Start" of Windows Desktop, right click "My Computer" and left click "Explorer".
Note 2: If you forget the installed folder, search for "imagingrium.exe". To start up Windows Search function, left click "Start" of Windows Desktop and "Search".
5. How to Uninstall the imagingrium Installation Software

    For the uninstallation of this software, delete the folder in which it is installed. To do so, open the folder with Windows Explore, right click the folder of "imagingrium" and left click "delete" of the popup menu. If there are necessary files under the folder of "imagingrium", move them to another folder before deleting.
6. How to uninstall .Net Framework 2.0

    In order to uninstall Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0, left click "Start" of the Desktop and left click "Control Panel", and find and left click "Add/Remove Programs". Find and left click "Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Language Pack" in the list of "Currently installed programs" and left click "Change/Remove" button and delete it.
Caution: If there is some application that works with .Net Framework 2.0 other than this software, the application will not work after the uninstallation.
7. Manual of imagingrium Image Processing Software

    After starting up the iIPS, left click "Help" of the main menu and left click "Manual" of the sub-menu, and then the manual of the iIPS appears.

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